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West-System Episize Glass Tape
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West-System Episize Glass Tape

Episize Reinforcing Materials. 

Specifically treated with an amino-silane coupling agent for use with epoxy systems. When used with WEST SYSTEM epoxy, Episize reinforcing materials exhibit significantly improved peel strength, flexural modulus and tensile and compressive load-carrying ability relative to other chemical finishing systems, especially those reinforcing materials manufactured for bonding with polyester resins. 
729-733 EpisizeTM Glass Tape 

Versatile glass tapes are ideal for reinforcing chines, hull-deck corners and similar structural applications. When bonded with WEST SYSTEM epoxy, they provide additional tensile strength to resist hairline crack development and provide added abrasion resistance. Available in 25, 50, 75, 100 and 150 mm widths, weight 170g/m2.