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PiranhaMax 197C DI Down Imaging 3.5in Fishfinder
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PiranhaMax 197C DI Down Imaging 3.5in Fishfinder

The PiranhaMAX 197c DI features a 256 color 320V X 240H, 3.5" display with 1600 watts PTP power output with Down Imaging and Dual Frequency sonar.  The design also allows drop-in replacement for competitive in-dash models.


Understanding Down Imaging

The detailed images of Down Imaging are created with high-frequency sound waves emitted in ultra-thin slices. The sonar returns from these waves produce a "snapshot" of what's below your boat. 


SwitchFire / Down Imaging

This view provides complete understanding of what exactly is going on below your boat. Quickly identify cover and structure with Down Imaging, while using SwitchFire® to locate and target fish. Together, they take the guesswork out of sonar fishfinding.



 Display Size - Diagonal:3.5"
Display Pixel Matrix:240H X 320V
Display Type:Color TFT
Display Colors Grayscale:256 Colors
Sonar Standard:Down Imaging/Dual Beam
Standard Sonar Coverage:28°, 16°, 74° @ -10db
Standard Sonar Frequency:200/455/455 kHz
Sonar Optional:None
Target Separation:2.5" 

These are just a few of the specifications, for a full list and/or more information please follow the link.