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English Braid - Dyneema Rope
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English Braid - Dyneema RopeEnglish Braid - Dyneema RopeEnglish Braid - Dyneema Rope

English Braid - Dyneema Rope


English Braids is a UK Dyneema® partner and as such has the endorsement to use the Dyneema® logo alongside our products. This brand association is critical to the strategic direction of the business and has seen the rise of importance in Dyneema® product lines replacing many of the alternative fibres. The Dyneema® product family has one limitation and as such is not suitable for applications with high temperatures.


Dinghy Dyneema®

Small lines with high strength. The cores of the product utilise Dyneema® SK78 to

ensure maximum performance and longevity.


·         Dyneema® SK78 core

·         Bright colour scheme & colour matching core

·         32 Plait polyester cover


·         High strength with low extension

·         Improved longevity with Dyneema® SK78

·         Hard wearing cover


Racing Dyneema® (8mm or Above)

With a core choice of SK78, our racing Dyneema® rope range provides the premium performance required for high end race craft. Up-graded strength, reduced stretch from pre-stretched core ropes, with low weight all adds to its durability. With the Elite range accompanying these ropes, our racing Dyneema® halyards are the ONLY choice for performance yachts and dinghies.


Colours vary depending on stock. Please contact us if you would like more information.