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English Braid - Braid on Braid White with Flecked Rope
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English Braid - Braid on Braid White with Flecked Rope

Braid on Braid

A heat set and pre-stretched polyester rope suitable for a wide range of applications.

Used widely in yachting, industrial winching and arboriculture.

Changes in production process have driven the quality of the product upwards and still this remains our most popular choice for the everyday yachtsman. Pre-stretched yet easily spliceable, braid on braid resists kinking and maintains a level of flexibility in all conditions. An extensive range of colours provides people with an almost limitless choice.


·         Double braid construction

·         12 Strand Core, 24 Plait cover

·         Full colour range available

·         Heat set and pre-stretched


·         Easily spliced

·         Superior wear resistance and longevity

·         Ease of identification through colour range

·         Perfectly balanced and easy to handle