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English Braid - 8-Strand Nylon Anchorbraid Rope
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English Braid - 8-Strand Nylon Anchorbraid Rope

8-Strand Nylon Anchorbraid

The 8 strand Nylon rope provides optimal extension both from the construction, and the base material making it ideal for jobs where shock loading is a factor. 

Anchorbraid is English Braid's 8 strand or Anchor line and is made specifically for anchoring. The 8 strand construction allows the rope to be very flexible, easily spliceable to chain, yet with a high strength and stretch. No need to coil into chain lockers, this rope runs well following chain.


·         8 Strand Nylon construction

·         Torque neutral

·         Longer rope constructional pitch


·         High extension under load

·         Easy to handle long lengths

·         Low “noise” when under load